This is a list of all packages available from homebrew-hep.

apfel 3.1.1 PDF Evolution Library
apfel++ 4.8.0 Object oriented rewriting of the APFEL evolution code
applgrid 1.6.35 Quickly reproduce NLO calculations with any input PDFs
cernlib 2023.08.14.0 CERN library
chaplin 1.2 Complex Harmonic Polylogarithms in Fortran
f2c 2024.02.22 Compiler from Fortran to C
fastjet 3.4.2 Package for jet finding in pp and ee collisions
fastnlo 2.5.0 Fast pQCD calculations for PDF fits
fjcontrib 1.055 Package of contributed add-ons to FastJet
hepmc2 2.06.11 C++ event record for Monte Carlo generators
hepmc3 3.3.0 C++ event record for Monte Carlo generators
herwig 7.3.0 Monte Carlo event generator
hoppet 1.2.0 QCD DGLAP evolution
jetvheto 3.0.0 NNLL resummation for jet-veto efficiencies and cross sections
lhapdf 6.5.4 PDF interpolation and evaluation
madgraph5_amcatnlo 3.5.3 Automated LO and NLO processes matched to parton showers
mcfm 10.3 Monte Carlo for FeMtobarn processes
mcgrid 2.0.2 Projecting cross section calculations on grids
nlojet++ 4.1.3 LO and NLO cross sections
openloops 2.1.3 Fully automated implementation of the Open Loops algorithm
partons 4.0 PARtonic Tomography Of Nucleon Software
pythia 8.310 Monte Carlo event generator
qcdnum 18.0.0 Fast PDF evolution
rivet 3.1.10 Monte Carlo analysis system
sherpa 2.2.15 Monte Carlo event generator
thepeg 2.3.0 Toolkit for high energy physics event generation
topdrawer 1.4e SLAC interface for generating physics graphs
ugs 2.10e SLAC Unified Graphics System
vbfnlo 3.0.0beta5 Parton-level Monte Carlo for processes with electroweak bosons
whizard 3.1.4 Monte Carlo event generator
yoda 1.9.10 Yet more Objects for Data Analysis